Debut Album- Christian Comedy (VISUAL)


Christian Comedy Is a satirical commentary on the fear that gripped American society during the era of impeached President Donald Trump. Side A is completely visual, with 10 animated cartoons complimenting ten corresponding audio tracks. 10 tracks = the Ten Commandments, i.e. “Christian Comedy” (you get it).

Side B offers ten more audio-only tracks that build on the provocative foundation of Side A and together they feature: funny musical intermissions that seamlessly weave in and out of the bits, two professionally produced rap songs written by JC himself, and non cartoon interludes that set the context for the environment that existed when the material was written and performed.

The audio from the entire album is taken from cell phone recordings of various performances during the Trump era. JC was not professionally recorded or “mic’d up” so the tapes you’re hearing is unplanned raw material straight from the Preacher Himself.

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